Toxic Triangle: San Francisco, Califas

Toxic Triangle: San Francisco, Califas

Follow community resident Shardae as she explores the impact of the environmental hazards from the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyeard in her neighborhood in the Bayview district of San Francisco, Ca..

Produced by Shardae Barb, 2012.

2 Responses to “Toxic Triangle: San Francisco, Califas”

  1. Jaron Browne Says:

    Great work Shardae and Conscious Youth Media Crew!!! I love all the personal stories of community members. Really powerful. You captured so much in a really clear and concise way. Thank you for telling this story!

  2. Karwanna Dyson Says:

    Great work CYMC and Shardae. Your voice truly makes a difference. Somebody has to take a stand and you have enlightened and inspired many people.

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