Justice for Trayvon Martin

Posted on: April 4, 2012
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Trayvon Martin has become a house hold name over the past 2 months. Seventeen year old, African-American youth was gunned down while walking back to his fathers girlfriends house, in Sanford Florida. The gun man was 28 year old neighbor hood watch man George Zimmerman.

What make this case call for a nation wide movement even though things like this happen everyday?

Besides the fact that the media has given mass coverage of the incident (which helps to bring awareness to any cause) George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested for the crime.

How is this possible?

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” is so vaguely worded that it allowed for Zimmerman to be protected, stating that he felt threatened. This saved him from arrest.

But, after listening to the phone calls between Zimmerman and the Police Department in Sanford, there are many factors that call for further investigation, like the fact that the police specifically asked Zimmerman not to pursue Martin any further.

The youth of CYMC and Horizons in SF feel that what happened to Trayvon is unjust. The photos of the youth wearing their hoodies are in solidarity with the movement that believe that FEAR based on stereo types is not grounds to use deadly force or reason enough to accuse people of doing some thing wrong. We would like to see Florida send Zimmerman to trial and revamp the “Stand Your Ground Law” in Florida to be less general and to encourage other resolutions before they say it’s ok to use deadly force.

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