CYMC is dedicated to producing conscious, creative, and quality media sharing diverse and rarely heard youth perspectives and stories to audiences around the world.

CYMC’s 85 hour multimedia internship program offers an introductory training to digital filmmaking that focuses on producing short films about people doing extraordinary things in our communities.

The culminating films make up our collection of “Reel Hood Heroes”—short stories that form an archive of neighborhood voices illustrating the rich tapestry of culture throughout our urban Bay Area landscape.

Youth interns use state of the art technology and receive high quality instruction from experienced professionals, artists and community members.

Our media is screened on the web, film festivals, broadcast television and radio, and in schools and communities.

Youth graduates from our introductory training can also become paid producers on special projects, intern at various field placements in the media industry, and take advantage of our college pathway resources, networks and opportunities.

All trainings are led by CYMC Staff and specialized Guest Artists.  Youth participants earn academic credit towards graduation through the completion of project requirements.

CYMC’s 3 Layers of Integrated Learning:

Voice and Identity:

CYMC interns experience self-growth and increased communication skills through completing autobiographical projects, story development activities, and studying different techniques for storytelling and using one’s voice creatively and effectively.

Hands-on Technology:

Trainings cover the four phases of production where interns learn story development, basic camera operations, basic light & sound techniques, Final Cut Pro advanced editing software, special effects and graphics, and screening and distribution of completed works.

Arts Appreciation:

All CYMC programs integrate special guests, experts and field visits in the film industry. CYMC interns attend ITVS Community Cinema film series monthly, critique independent films and attend museum and gallery exhibits of  classic and contemporary artists.